• Jan 28, 2011

    A very good and reliable mail client that you always can count on.

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  • Cesar Sampedro Jan 29, 2011

    This is an amazing piece of software, I wish it be the default ubuntu mail client.

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  • Mauricio Pretto Feb 19, 2011

    Still my favorite, still miss a few important features but it's fast, it's simple, and the search feature is unbeatable

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  • Mauricio Pretto Feb 21, 2011

    I still have to say thunderbird is my favorite . Simple, fast and the best search engine for emails / contacts and etc...

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  • Matthew Young Mar 29, 2011

    Thunderbird is a great email client, it can sign messages using OpenPGP (the addon is Enigmail), decrypt messages, and encrypt messages.

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  • Jesse Palser Apr 16, 2011

    This is so good an email client that it should be made default for Ubuntu. Setup is as easy as typing your name, your email address, and your password. Works fantastically and has many useful features. Just love it!

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  • Dan Scott Apr 17, 2011

    I love everything that Mozilla comes out with, and Thunderbird is no exception. It's fast, as easy to use and as customizable as Firefox, and it has add-ons for in-client browsing (Thunderbrowse) and calendars/planners (Lightning). It syncs nicely with Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo! mail and has plenty of added security to protect your privacy.

    My only complaint is that my reply is always placed at the bottom of the message I am replying to, thus I have to move my cursor to the top.

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  • pyrosrockthisworld Apr 19, 2011

    best E-mail client that i have used!
    has some wonderfull extentions to suit all needs

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  • Ed Begens Apr 19, 2011

    I find it quick, reliable and less a RAM user than the Evolution package.

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  • itbdw Aug 27, 2011

    Excellent! I can't understand why Ubuntu don't set it as default email client!

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  • Winfred Qin Sep 8, 2011

    Best email client I have found. Full-features provided. But for some users, it may be too complex, but whatever it provides good wizards.

    If its UI could be more beautiful, that's perfect.

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  • l7943416 Sep 24, 2011

    very good

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  • Tommy Sep 25, 2011

    This software is amazing, better than Evolution.
    Only problem is, the calendar extension doesn't work so well with Unity's global menu. Support for that would be nice. ^^

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  • ReyasWIlfred Sep 26, 2011

    This mail client is absolutely wonderful! It brings email instantly, and learns what to put in the junk folder based on what you mark as spam! Thunderbird should absolutely be the default mail client for all systems! In the end:

    Thunderbird > Evoloution

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  • Jack Christie Sep 29, 2011

    Flawless with Linux. My wife and I both use this with windows and Linux, seems to be a lot smoother and problem free in Linux though. Really like the contact sync with Zindus and the calender with lightning.

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  • Ben Huysman Oct 13, 2011

    Light, Fast, Simple, what more do you want?

    Calendar works very well

    why isn't this the default email client for ubuntu?

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  • Frantisek Sklenar Oct 14, 2011

    Great! I am using it for many years, best email client for Linux.

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  • Matt Oct 14, 2011

    Fast. Easy to set up. Handles more than one account. With lightning plugin it makes a great manager.

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  • Mithun Chaubey Oct 14, 2011

    This client is great. The only thing that would make it better is Exchange support, but no one does that well in Linux yet, including Evolution.

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  • Kevin Daniel Oct 14, 2011

    Not bad. Way better than evolution but still leaves room for more features.

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  • nemzor Oct 15, 2011

    Migration feature is lacking heavily, so far the only email client which seems to be able to import and back up easily is Evolution, I will stick with Evo!!!

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  • Sava Oct 15, 2011

    definitely the best and feature rich client for linux. fast and stable

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  • MINAS LAMPROU Dec 7, 2011

    As Email client is very good. Its main advantance is the very easy account setup that follows ubuntu philosophy (for human beings) . It needs a better integrated calendar, though the lighting extention is decent. What is missing is the integration with the ubuntu date indicator (ubuntu menu calendar)

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  • turbolad Dec 24, 2011

    I have switched to Thunderbird because Evolution was nothing but a pain.

    I love the way Thunderbird sets up my 2 Yahoo! e-mail accounts, which saves a *lot* of time and hassle - and Thunderbird automatically configures the SSL/TLS mode, which also saves fiddly work. I'm really surprised how well it works and how easy it is to setup - you just type your name and e-mail address and it can find the settings for you. Adding extra e-mail accounts is easy.

    The default settings are better too, such as keeping your e-mail on the server for 14 days, whereas Evolution would delete them and when you went to sign in online to check your e-mails, you'd find Evolution had deleted the ones you read! Just a few settings I needed to customise to my liking (such as not deleting e-mails online after 14 days or if I delete them in Thunderbird).

    No wonder Ubuntu decided to replace Evolution with Thunderbird as of Ubuntu version 11.10!

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  • Fay Knight Feb 15, 2012

    I've been using Thunderbird for some time now, and always found it to be reliable for the email accounts that it did support. This new version seems to have sorted out the problems accessing my yahoo mail account, so it can now handle all my mail accounts comfortably.
    I'm currently trying out the calender extension, although previously I've not found this to be so useful so I'm not sure I'd bother with it.

    Thunderbird is a great reliable email client for home use; but for work I have to manage a few different diaries, so I think I'll still be booting into Windows and using Outlook for the foreseeable future. A shame, because I'd love to see a good open-source alternative to Outlook that I'd feel confident about using in a small office.

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  • mike_crossgreen Feb 18, 2012

    Not 100% reliable - started using 50% CPU constantly a while back now, and there are a few consistent script errors so have just had to re-install. When it works it's great though! + Very very easy sign in :)

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  • kevin.j.lausen Mar 17, 2012

    It was super easy to connect my gmail account. I love it as a RSS BLOG headkline reader. the tasks are handy to keep me on track of my schedule. I really enjoy the lightning extension + google calendar support extensions to help me import MOST of my google calendars. I have a calendar 4 my appointments, revision3, twit, && jupiter broadcasting. exporting feeds to my UbuntuONE act. makes getting my feeds all setup in a seperate pc or OS a snap. I just wish there was a hotkey, for show/hide of the folder pane(V-iew>L-ayout>F-older pane=Alt+V>L>F). Also selecting multiple messages w/ the mouse was unintuitive. I finally figured out I had to star items then (E-dit>S-elect>S-tarred Items=Alt+E>S>S), to be able to multiple select items for delete, create a filter...etc.

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  • Carlos Pena Apr 21, 2011

    Great integration with Google services (Gmail, Google Calendar, Google contacts, etc).
    One of the best mail apps I've ever seen.

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  • Jan Oct 17, 2011

    I can not understand that such a reputed and old email client has such big bugs. It is even not possible to remove an email account ! Also connecting to an IMAP server does not work. All this works flawless in Evolution. So I am forced to revert to Evolution, warmly recommended !

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  • Muzikayise Flynn Bullet Smiley Buthelezi Jan 29, 2012

    I preffer evolution mail to Thunderbird, its not bad i'm just use to Evolution mail thats all.

    2 of 5 people found this review helpful

  • Alex Jan 6, 2012

    thunderbird can never be compared to Evolution. Period.

  • Who Ami Apr 19, 2011

    Thunderbird is a great mail application. The main reason why I use Thunderbird is because it runs on Linux, Mac and Windows and I don't need to use a different mail client on each operating system. Besides, as already mentioned, it is a great mail client and does the job very well.

  • komputes Apr 22, 2011

    I feel this is the best multi-platform open source mail client available and should be the default in Ubuntu. Thank you Mozilla for continuing to develop such a great application.

  • Sheng Liu Apr 27, 2011

    Great mail client, it should be the default mail client in Ubuntu. It also supports lots of extention just like the mighty firefox. Definite worth the work to uninstall evolution and install this application.

  • Nicolay D Apr 29, 2011

    The best e-mail client. Functional, fast, portable and easy to back up.

  • Alex Castro May 1, 2011

    Good for mail/news feeds. However, Mozilla Thunderbird is not up to par with Evolution Mail, as it lacks built-in calendar, tasks, and memo features that the Groupware Suite offers - which are very well integrated out-of-the-box with Ubuntu's indicator applet. Thunderbird's features can be extended by installing extensions, but the most popular calendar extension, Lighting, will not work with Ubuntu 64-bit.

    If you just need to read emails, news and/or like to use Google calendar, try Thunderbird; otherwise, stick to Evolution, which is currently a superior all-around offering.

  • Ron May 1, 2011

    Great mailing software. Simple and effective.

  • Benjamin Kerensa May 2, 2011

    This is by far the best full feature mail/news client for Linux and anyone still using Evolution is missing out.

  • Japa Alekhin Llemos May 3, 2011

    @Dan Scott: You can actually change where your replies go (top or bottom). I like it at the top too (Edit -> Account Settings -> [your account] -> Composition & Addressing)

    As for the review... Thunderbird is light (compared to other clients), and it gives you what it should be giving you, which is, let you read/write/manage mail.

  • tramp4ever May 4, 2011

    one of the best application ever! completely integrated and fully working with every internet mail protocol

  • May 4, 2011

    This thing lets you enter your yahoo account in, Evolution doesn't. Makes a big deal to me. Even not counting that, it's a nice piece of software.

  • Aleksandar Ciric May 5, 2011

    It is stable, fast, reliable, multi-platform, feature rich. It still lacks some backup method other than installing MozBackup.

  • Sitansh Rajput May 9, 2011

    This is amazing, Add-On's do everything these days, no more need for exporting and importing contacts. LOVE IT!

  • Michael Brower May 10, 2011

    Thunderbird is a great choice, Canonical should consider using it as the default mail client for Ubuntu, or at least providing better support in the indicator area. It is lightning quick (esp. compared to Evolution), and automatically detects most email servers.

  • Spartan117 May 12, 2011

    This is a good piece of software that integrates well with my google calendar and google services well done Mozilla!

  • AIAMUZZ May 15, 2011

    With gmail accounts, where you usually don't delete mails as there is ample space, Evolution found it really difficult to populate the thousands of messages via IMAP configuration.

    To cut the story short... Thunderbird took-off from where evolution crashed(handling the huge number of mails in the account).

  • Biao Xu May 18, 2011

    Great email client!

  • Frank Rupprecht May 20, 2011

    My email client since a lot of years

  • Louis de Leseleuc May 22, 2011

    A fantastic email client with built-in search, powerful filters and easy setup. I guess that if it integrated better with Ubuntu and supported Enterprise Exchange like MS Outlook, it would have a shot at becoming the default.

  • Lokiii May 27, 2011

    Much better than Evolution...

  • Musl1m May 31, 2011

    Its the best email application on Ubuntu by a long shot, I only wish that it was a native GTK or even QT application, I hate having to find themes for it look right on my desktop.

  • Orlin Jun 1, 2011

    Not only in windows (Desktop PC), but now I can have it for Linux (Laptop PC) as well! I don't like Mozilla's Browser that much, but mozilla's Mail Clientt is n1!!! 10x times better than the Ubuntu's default integrated Mail Client...

  • Campbell Wallis Jun 2, 2011

    Thunderbird is a fantastic mail client, especially when used with the calendar extension. It combines the ease of use of Outlook Express with the power of Outlook, and it runs much faster and better than Evolution. Thunderbird is nothing less than the best mail client on only OS. Full stop.

  • Haloiu Mihai Jun 6, 2011

    I am using it for a wile and it is the best. there is room for improvement but overall it's great

  • asadullah Jun 13, 2011

    Like everyone else has said very good email client. Couldn't figure out the default found this and loving it.

  • Jonquil Jun 15, 2011

    Rumor has it that this will be the next default email client for Ubuntu, and it's easy to see why! It's fast, easy to use, has tons of plugins, and it's stable. What more could you ask for?

  • Vjeran Tuhtan Jun 16, 2011

    I use Thunderbird since version 3.0 and I'm very satisfied with it. Good UI, and simple to use. I also use calendar extension for my Google calendar and it's working fine for now..

  • Pavan Kumar Parasa Jun 20, 2011

    Far far better than the default ubuntu mail program. This should actually replace :) Now i dont really sign in the browser for mails.

  • Anton Bäckström Jun 20, 2011

    I decided to give it 5 stars even before I started it. Riiiight after the part where you write in your email adress. I LOVE how you did not have to fill in pop server and all that shit (cause I know nothing of email stuff)


  • Jun 22, 2011

    This is my favorite email client and it is free. Takes some add ons tp make it how i like it, but i have all my email accounts synced to it, my contacts synced to it, and my calendars. Just waiting on a google task add on.

  • Amit Jun 22, 2011

    Very quick to check new email, after using for much time discovered there is option to configure reply at top

  • Charlie Jun 23, 2011

    A really nice, easy to use and simple email client. Automatically searches for your email servers which makes things a whole lot easier. I would recommend this to people who use more than 1 email.

  • sudzee Jun 26, 2011

    As a mail client, thunderbird is excellent. I use it for work mail as an alternative to outlook. Easy to setup and easy to customize. There are some lacking features though. Firstly, calendar should be default and easy to sync with outlook. Secondly it should have tighter integration with ubuntu by default. Everything can be done with the use of add ons though.

  • Pavel Jul 7, 2011

    Thunderbird in combination with Lighting add-on is great tool for businesses (and more and more companies are using it even on widows)

  • Will Moorhead Jul 7, 2011

    Simply the best.
    1000 Times better than stupid evolution

  • Daniel Bodnaru Jul 15, 2011

    Thunderbird... ...way better than any other mail clients...

  • AN Jul 18, 2011

    Well its light and fully functional with no reported bugs to my knowledge. If you are not looking for hi-fi graphics, you would love it.

  • Manickam Jul 19, 2011

    Wow... TB is cool... Nice with Gmail. Thanks TB Team.

  • RollerCOM Solutions Jul 29, 2011

    Definitely a first when installing a clean copy of Ubuntu 64 bit

  • kestrel1 Jul 31, 2011

    I use Thunderbird on every computer I use. certainly the best mail client about. Forget about Outlook, use Thunderbird

  • Benjamin Aug 12, 2011

    My favourite email client. Works for every email server and displays email in a clear, effective way.

  • M. Freddie Dias Aug 21, 2011

    I've been using thunderbird as my main email client for over 5 years now. It's simple, customizable, reliable, handles IMAP folders well and most importantly (to me) it works great under both windows and linux so I can use the same email client on all my machines/OS-es!

  • Scott Deagan Aug 21, 2011

    Excellent mail client. I only have one problem with it: the RSS read sometimes fails, usually immediately after I email an RSS story to someone. I also wish that task synchronization with Google would work (using the Lightening plugin)...

    With a little bit of research, I managed to customize the look (more spacing between lines in my inbox etc) by creating a userChrome.css file. It looks so good on my Sony F Series that everyone asks about it and comments favourably on it.

    Better than Evolution by a long shot, so glad Ubuntu are going to make Thunderbird the default mail client in 11.10.

  • Gerardo Corro Aug 25, 2011

    Its quick easy to use and all you have to do is name email and password and the rest is done for you! 5/5 stars because its easier then most email clients.

  • Mateusz ?oskot Aug 25, 2011

    I've been using Thunderbird since it's early releases. This is the ultimate e-mail and usenet client.

  • Infektedpc Sep 2, 2011

    This Email App Works Beautifully!
    Has A Great And Simple Interface
    Would Recommend To Anyone

  • fabio.bernas Sep 5, 2011

    I have made a great conversion of eml file and automatically loaded into g mail.
    Great and absolutely useful program.

  • Mr.Maduraikaran Sep 27, 2011

    Thunderbird is flying higher.......

  • vastril4o Oct 2, 2011

    work fast, better then evolution mail but some thing still missing, its my def mail server

  • Prashanth Batchu Oct 19, 2011

    Been using it for a while and it's awesome!

  • Michael Davies Oct 21, 2011

    Very buggy with Oneiric 11.10. Cannot write new emails. Otherwise very good. Wait for next release to iron out bugs.

  • bowo rudi hartono Oct 22, 2011

    Fast & Easy

  • Diego Castellanos Oct 22, 2011

    Thunderbird makes checking, sorting and deleting e-mail super fast. The interface is clean with multiple options and extensions to customize. Thunderbird is now the default e-mail client for Ubuntu and I can't be happier about it.

  • Arafel93 Oct 27, 2011

    This has been my favorite app for emails for a while. It's easy to use and set up. The addons make it very useful for most situations.

  • mareke Oct 28, 2011

    I have been using thunderbird for a long time. I use it at work and home.

  • Michael Nov 5, 2011

    It's good, it does the job and I have no issue with its functionality.
    On the other hand, could the developers do something to improve its image? Maybe throw a bit of colour in the mix, perhaps shades of thunderbird blue? Maybe make it *exciting* to use? Because email programs aren't inherently the most exciting programs in the world are they?
    I'm only nit-picking here. It's a good program.

  • Akira Nov 7, 2011

    Good verses outlook. With the online clouds why have this? Ii have not found a need for outlook nor Thunderbird the past few+ years.

  • Charles H Smallorros69 Nov 12, 2011

    The key feature that makes Thunderbird the only e-mail "client" to have is its "Local Folders." No matter how many e-mail accounts you have or how often you get new ones, you can easily set up Thunderbird such that all e-mails sent, all drafts, all deleted, and all saved ("archived" in Thunderbird parlance) as re-directed to Local folders. So if you delete and account and get a new one (which is trivial because Thunderbird has a database of all the parameters), all your previous correspondence is STILL THERE! Ditto for your Address Book!

  • Christian Luck Jabasa Nov 12, 2011

    Honestly, Thunderbird is the perfect choice for Ubuntu 11.10! But being a cross-platform app, Thunderbird needs to meet more integration with the system. So far so good!

  • jrs Nov 13, 2011

    Not 100% pleased with this. some recent received emails were garbled with another emailed. responding to emails force you to write at bottom of the page, which is not helpful. So I will stop using this program.

  • John C Nov 17, 2011

    Best cross-platform music program. Also better than evolution.

  • Israel Fdez. Cabrera Nov 17, 2011

    Nice email client but was not ready to replace Evolution. The implementation proposed by Canonical lacks several features like a calendar and its integration with unity calendar to show events in a handy way. The icon theme does not match the rest of the colorfull icons in the system generating an inconsistency

  • John Nov 22, 2011

    Fine for pulling together your online email accounts, but only for inbox/sent items. It lacks the ability to pull in email history from these accounts, if stored in anything other folders. Also could do with an option to easily import your contact lists. I look forward to the next verson with hope...

  • David Lemaitre Nov 22, 2011

    A must-have mail client. It should be more integrated to Unity or Gnome3 like Evolution

  • David Groves Nov 23, 2011

    Elegant and easy to use. Very fast and stable as well. Still the leading mail client for me! Works with my Hotmail and Gmail accounts and brings them together in one easy program!

  • TJ Nov 23, 2011

    I always used to uninstall Evolution and install Thunderbird. I'm so happy that it is now a default program.
    Thunderbird is great because it is simple and extendible. It's better to scale up and add what you need, rather than weigh down a program unnecessarily.
    And now that it is constantly maintained and upgraded, like Firefox—well, you can't get better than that.

  • David Jones Nov 24, 2011

    I've been using Thunderbird for several years now. I used Outlook before that, and preferred many things about T-bird. It really needs an updated interface, though. The old one is cluttered with too many fields. Most other clients haved gotten rid of the spreadsheet column format, and I wish T-bird would do the same. It's just not that useful for the amount of screen space it takes up. It also needs a better thread view. You can tweak it with add-ons, but they make the program slow and stop working when there's an upgrade. That's why I avoid add-ons AMAP. As is, it uses 300-400mb of memory idling. I've pinned Gmail in my browser now, and seldom open Thunderbird. You lose the security features with a web client, though. Ubuntu-wise, I'd like to see a standalone calendar and addressbook that sync with EDS. Gnome Contacts looks promising.

  • Duy Anh Nov 25, 2011

    Best email client !

  • Ege Sertçetin Nov 26, 2011

    Easy to use, stable, customizable. I don't need any other thing in my mail program.

  • Shouri Chatterjee Nov 26, 2011

    Does not have support for maildir. It isn't even on the horizon for the developers...