• JC Feb 13, 2012

    Lots of room for improvement

  • Thian Jan 26, 2012

    Great but download was slow

  • Scott Kelly Dec 28, 2011

    Can I upgrade from Zorin OS to windows 7

  • Chris Banakis Dec 27, 2011

    Every time there are new updates available, Update Manager comes through.

    Unlike OS X's update manager, which seems to only work 60% of the time, every time.

    And Windows Update, which seems to need to update itself all the time, before it can update Windows.

  • Greg Zeng Dec 15, 2011

    Best for new apps. Quick, but cannot handle app errors & complications.

  • Todd Chilson Nov 14, 2011

    There is nothing particularly wrong with Update Manager except when you first install Ubuntu, I would not have known to look in Setttings -> Other Software during the installation. I don't believe it was entirely clear as to what I was missing out on by having half of your sources unchecked from the beginning. I needed reviews for that information. And, Update Manager does not seem to lessen the use of apt-get or aptitude.

  • Akira Nov 7, 2011

    Very easy..however It never has jived with apt-get! and many functions in user options are not there. Good for basic function and dependable.

  • Jeb E. Oct 25, 2011

    This program completely simplifies the computer update experience. No more going to multiple websites all the time to find and install simple updates: This program finds updates for all your programs and notifies you when needed. Perfect. Simple. Genius.

  • zman Oct 20, 2011

    It's great, it makes it easy to install update. It seems to be one of the easyest ways to do updates (on every operating system I've used so far).

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  • Kirk Oct 17, 2011

    Notifies daily for items removed if they are standard Ubuntu programs, even if set to update only weekly. No way to block updates for any programs.

  • Oct 13, 2011

    as a first time user of ubuntu i can only say yeah yeah yeah the ease of use its so simple and soft like a babies bum

  • deegrin Aug 30, 2011

    This application makes Ubuntu very low maintenance, because it updates virtually all your apps and services at once in an organized manner.

  • james Aug 26, 2011

    nags to mutch

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  • ginasuit Aug 26, 2011

    I've tried older versions of linux, though this is the first with Ubuntu, and have been very impressed. This application is one of the biggest reasons why!

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  • Shaharyar Aug 6, 2011

    This makes Ubuntu A Good OS............
    Majority of the software can be updated from one-place................
    Its good that it asks us before updating and if it doesn't it make take a lot of bandwidth without our permission............... I love this software

    I just it to give updates a bit more faster!

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  • Amit Henry Jun 23, 2011

    "Update Manager" is very useful for finding applications that we need. But this could be made even better if we see only system related applications in "System".

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  • Me May 21, 2011

    It is very good and easy to use but, It should install the updates automatically and it should notify us of available updates instead of opening the window and minimizing it immediately.

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  • Cato May 16, 2011

    Updates should be managed by Ubuntu Software Center for appearance purposes. This software works great, however when the Ubuntu Software Center could manage updates itself instead of having another program doing it things would be pretty cool.

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  • Shane Halloran May 12, 2011

    This is a great tool.

    However, it would be even better if *all* of the updates would install automatically in the background, so that I'd never have to authenticate when I want weekly updates, etc.

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  • Dave Morley Apr 13, 2011

    A simple manager for getting updates and managing upgrades to the next release

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  • drazelian@comcast.net Apr 6, 2011

    Generally very good and simple
    When you have broken packages it can be a bit of a pain.

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  • Sean McClenaghan Apr 4, 2011

    Couldn't live without it!

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