• chadzo69 Mar 26, 2012

    I use Chrome in other Operating Systems, but FF seems to work better in Ubuntu. Chromium is pretty buggy. It's pretty easy to import bookmarks from Chromium to FF, just export your Chromium bookmarks via HTML and then import them to FF.

  • Andrew Schweitzer Mar 26, 2012

    In the past, this browser has been the best browser ever, but after a while, it's gotten slower over time. It's still a great browser, but could use some sliming down.

  • Fayssal El Ansari Mar 22, 2012

    awesome in my oppenion this is the best web browser google uses alot of advertising so google chrome gets in the way.

  • William Ranvaud Mar 3, 2012

    Fast, reliable, lots of functionalities and configuration options, tons of add-ons for all tasks you may think of... Free and Open Source, backed by a Foundation. Still the best browser out there.

  • X360ization Feb 29, 2012

    This browser is amazing better than Chrome and IE! Definetly a must have!

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  • Mister Rae Feb 27, 2012

    Just discovered I can't import my bookmarks because there's no "Import / backup" button in the library :(

  • Vampire1408 Feb 19, 2012

    Great, addons from ff4+ compatable now, new sandbox mode for plugins, new support for various codes and ... takes about 55MB memory to load on WIn Vista, about the same/less on ubuntu!

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  • Samuel Claxon Feb 18, 2012

    Regarding the address bar, I've always found Firefox's Awesome Bar to be superior to Chrome's Omnibox. You can also disable caching in Firefox, whereas you currently can't in Chrome. That's big plus for a Web Developer such as myself.

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  • Phil Feb 14, 2012

    The add-ons to this browser make it the most powerful... ad-blocking and Flash video capture.. iam not sure if any other browser can do the things this one can.

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  • Peter Wolf Feb 13, 2012

    I have been using Firefox for many years and have had very few problems with it.No problems at all with the latest version.It has a lot of capabilities and does everything I want a web browser to do.No wonder it is so popular.

  • Oscar Feb 11, 2012

    Speed test in-between Firefox 10.0 and Chromium as of 11/2/12 (scroll down if you just want my review):

    Firefox 10.0
    Google: 2 seconds
    Yahoo UK: 7 seconds
    Microsoft: 19 seconds
    Facebook: 3 seconds
    Twitter: 8 seconds
    Apple: 10 seconds
    Wikipedia: 3 seconds

    Google: < 1 second
    Yahoo UK: 8 seconds
    Microsoft: 12 seconds
    Facebook: 5 seconds
    Twitter: 7 seconds
    Apple: 11 seconds
    Wikipedia: 3 seconds

    URLs of sites
    Google: www.google.com
    Yahoo UK: uk.yahoo.com
    Microsoft: www.microsoft.com
    Facebook: www.facebook.com
    Twitter: www.twitter.com
    Apple: www.apple.com
    Wikipedia: www.wikipedia.com

    Results where not predicted/guessed - They are the exact same URLs tested in both browsers, no tweaks/hacks where used in either of the two browsers and where timed with a stopwatch then approximated to the closest whole number. Also, both browsers had their history and data fully removed/wiped so that the results where even more accurate.

    My review
    In other words, they're about the same speed, meaning that those saying Chromium is faster than Firefox or Firefox is faster than Chromium isn't actually true.
    To be honest, I like Firefox because it's included with the OS, the time it takes for "Waiting for *URL*" isn't as long as in Chromium, it integrates with Ubuntu better and it works with more stuff than Chromium does.
    Although, I do also like Chromium because it has these "web app" things and the design looks A LOT nicer than Firefox.
    However, Firefox is more customizable becuase you can get Personas, Themes, Add-ons and Plugins whilst Chromium can only get Add-on, Plugins and "web apps"

  • Rafael Espericueta Feb 8, 2012

    I would give this browser higher ratings, except that often I navigate to PDF pages, which usually come up blank. That is simply unacceptable!

  • Karwono Stephanus Ananda Feb 6, 2012

    like this :) very stable and many other additional applications.

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  • I dont feel like it Feb 6, 2012

    its a good browser, and yes its fast but still have some buggs (on my sys ofc)

  • Rhys Hemming Feb 5, 2012

    used once to find out why chromium wasn't working. couldn't load google.

  • Goran Dzhambazov Feb 3, 2012

    Good but can't you make uprading it easier as it is in windows?

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  • Alex Jan 29, 2012

    My bookmarks option,not have an import export option , when you want to bookmark the only thing i have is bookmark all tabs , so i have to bookmark all tabs open and then delete the ones already have

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  • Erfan Jan 19, 2012

    Firefox is the best browser , because it is safe and fast!and i suggest to you update to firefox 9.0.1, it version of firefox is the safest and the fastest browser , i have ever seen!!!!

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  • Luis Perez Jan 18, 2012

    Ever since I found out about Firefox back when I had a windows computer I never went back to Internet Explorer. I had and uncertified version of windows so I could never update my Internet Explorer and then one I could not even use Youtube anymore because I had an outdated version of Internet Explorer. I was so mad till my friends told me about Firefox. Because of Firefox we now have multiple tabs and they have even made a mobile version for phones. Firefox has did things that other browsers did not want to do. I hope one day Firefox overtakes Internet Explorers dominance of the market share.

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  • Cesar Penaranda Arias Jan 18, 2012

    Its the best Web Browser ever, in any OS. I allways use it on Mac/Windows/Linux, great development, this product its stable a mature. All addons a plugins are amazing, it have a great design and community. You can find an addon for everithing. The sync feature allows you, to share bookmarks, history, passwords between computers, with a great encryption and security. Ubuntu had it as the official web browser, becouse it is the best.

  • Cristian Radulescu Jan 16, 2012

    Tried Chrome, like most users, but still went back to Firefox. For web development, with the right addons is the perfect tool.

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  • Uri Shabtay Jan 11, 2012

    stable, fast, and full of options. LOVE IT

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  • Jim Read Jan 8, 2012

    Fastest web browser on the internet! It has complete support for all of the current web standards, and is extendable to the point where it integrates seamlessly with Unity with only a few plugins! Gold stars all the way!

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  • Shaurya Kalia Jan 4, 2012

    Based on Gecko engine it is probably the best browser available on internet for ubuntu. Loads pages lightening fast and has many addons.Scores 100/100 in acid 3.

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  • Austin Fink Dec 31, 2011

    i switched from windows long ago....this compared to ie9 is so much better 5/5!

  • lankster Dec 29, 2011

    Having a few problem with it crashing after I open a few tabs. Also locks up and dims the screen when it no longer works and sends error. No addon or anything that would slow it down, but find that its dragging. First install was working good for a few days then started this right off.. So Im updating to 9.0 for a fix.

  • mabradford Dec 28, 2011

    Really tired of Firefox retaining my passwords when I've done the things that is suppose to make it stop. I'm switching to Chrome and removing Firefox. I'm just one person...I'm sure the company won't go broke by me quiting using Firefox or supporting it. My complaint will go unnoticed and just like everything else in life when it comes to personal crap -- you just don't matter...so I just flex my power and make Firefox not matter.

  • Tom Dec 21, 2011

    Really fast, and works fine. No problem at all.

  • Dan Dec 15, 2011

    It's great to see we are up to version 8, but... where is the entire top menu? how do I open a private window, manage my plug-ins etc. Not sure I endorse this level of idiot proofing.

  • chamberofdream@gmail.com Dec 15, 2011

    I tried chrome for few days but had to come back to Firefox, because Firefox gives me more freedom to customize it the way i want. Firefox 8 is very fast, it starts quickly and no crashes so far.

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  • shubham Dec 13, 2011

    very good and stable outstanding history management very good plugin support very secured easy to acces cookies sessions and delete them throught it tells info about site rss feeds , developer tools see the web page images completely customizableand much much more

  • Dylan Bentley Dec 7, 2011

    I do belive Firefox has potential but i always find that its slower then Google Chromium. Not only with booting up time, but browsing speeds and everything else is altogether slower. I recommend installing Chromium.

  • Belial Dec 7, 2011

    don't know why but...

  • Matt Dec 6, 2011

    Unusable thanks to the inability to use sun-java instead of the useless and buggy openjdk. I uninstalled openjdk but it won't let me install the sun-java plugin. Each firefox update seems to break more stuff. I'm reluctantly using chrome now even though I hate chrome's interface.

  • its_me Dec 6, 2011

    IMHO, Firefox is no less than Google Chrome / Chromium on Linux.

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  • Tobago Dec 4, 2011

    Definitely the best browser out there. No Crashes for me. Great Add-on Support. Just need to work more on its looks, make it more attractive like chrome.

  • Joe Dec 4, 2011

    I use daily works very well and stable

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  • Greg Zeng Nov 30, 2011

    Always refuses my registered key for my many operating systems, computers & compter types. Very far behing Google hrome & Opera browser, which do not have this eror.

    Also clumsy with MHT files: slow, bug-ridden, like Google Chrome-type web browsers & Ms Internet Explorer. Only opera is fast & error free with MHT save & read.

  • J.A. Prufrock Nov 28, 2011

    I gave Chromium a chance. I used it for a couple of months, but I have returned to Firefox because it is just plain better. I don't have any defining reason. For awhile I was using both, and then I noticed that I was using Firefox more and more. So I finally deleted Chromium. Now I'm free, as in freedom. And if I wanted to be superfree, I would use Ice Weasel.

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  • sniper.338 Nov 28, 2011

    Simply the best.

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  • TJ Nov 23, 2011

    Now that it is updated regularly on Ubuntu with the new 6 week release cycle, it is the best browser available.
    It is more robust and feature rich than Chrome, just as fast, and crashes way less often. Plus, it doesn't have spybots or other data-gathering stuff built in. That's definitely a plus, and puts it ahead of the pack.

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  • David Groves Nov 23, 2011

    The best browser out there. Stable, fast, and very customizable. I can always rely on Firefox.

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  • Prashanth Batchu Nov 23, 2011

    Works Great! Love it!!

  • David Lemaitre Nov 22, 2011

    Works perfectly on my Ubuntu 11.10. A little slower than Chromium but more stable.

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  • Thomas Nov 21, 2011

    it is great running on my ubun11.10, i love it!

  • nick3499 Nov 20, 2011

    what more can one say about this awesome Web browser that competes with the browser of a megalithic Goliath of a corporation—namely, Microsoft. Internet Explorer is good, but it's not enough...

  • Sermatth72 Nov 19, 2011

    stable and full of funtions. it has many many features in it, I liked mainly the tag function, that combine perfectly with smart folder.

  • Mark_Skinner Nov 16, 2011

    Fully featured, quite fast (though not as fast chromium) and very secure. A really good browser but I wish that the Firefox Sync feature would be a bit a bit easier to login if you need to reinstall and also if it could sync your add-ons too.

  • Dan Nov 16, 2011

    Open source, stable, fast, huge add-ons library, firebug, ...

    Web developer's best friend

  • Ccming Nov 15, 2011

    why not update to 8.0 so long?

  • Amol Nov 13, 2011

    the only problem for a new user like me is the absence of the "check for update' link
    hopefully i will figure it out soon

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  • sandeep amilineni Nov 10, 2011

    The fast and the best. Free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • costin Nov 10, 2011

    #1 choice. User friendly, tons of add-ons to make it your own, mobile version, sync settings etc.

  • jwtear nariman Nov 9, 2011

    why we cant get FF 8 yet ??

  • Sam Honarvar Nov 8, 2011

    THE best internet browser on the net!

  • Warren Sever Nov 8, 2011

    Never really bought into the whole illusion that Firefox is any better, certainly know for a fact that is NOT more secure or faster, so it is the very first thing I am un-installing from my Ubuntu setup.

  • hg088 Nov 8, 2011

    Most Powerfull browser out there

  • Akira Nov 7, 2011

    It works great, if only it didn't store and hold so much data about browsing. The private func is just eyecandy from the bleachbit scans I have done. To much marketing data is being fed out the back. However it is dependable and easy to use.

  • Michael Nov 5, 2011

    Although this browser is clean, user-friendly and quick, it lacks the time-saving intuitive 'things' which chrome / chromium posesses. For instance, automatically completing and loading web addresses typed in the address bar by default. Still, can't fault it really. It's a good browser.

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  • MicroGle Nov 5, 2011

    Always my first choice ....

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  • Manish Munikar Nov 1, 2011

    Yes till now it is the best browser but if it continues of overload itself, its future is not bright!

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  • Ian W Scott Oct 31, 2011

    I switched to Google Chrome for a while there while version 4.0 was stuck in beta-land. And even version 4 was sluggish compared to the competition. But all that has changed. I'm back with Firefox because there's no reason for me to use anything else. Fast, responsive, customizable, with the best extensions around.

  • arisepeter Oct 28, 2011

    I have been using Firefox for many years. It is better than Chrome since the chrome freezes sometimes in Ubuntu. Also there are plenty of add ons for any need. But unfortunatly the version 7.0.1 is getting freezed while switching tabs

  • Berhan ?enyazar Oct 27, 2011

    It still leads to a more open, more reachable and more secure web. And there is nothing you can do with others but not Firefox. Thank you Mozilla.

  • Desmond Potts Oct 26, 2011

    Firefox gets a lot of glowing reviews, but lets be honest. When I'm looking at web pages I don't need a lot of junk add-on and plug-ins. I'm on the internet to look at web-pages, not plug-ins for applications I have installed.

    Firefox went from something good to something way overloaded with BLOATWARE. You're surfing the web, not loading a app to load plug-ins for applications you already have and NEED to have installed.

    While you can strip away all the junk you're left with a broswer that is not that great, not that fast, and not that powerful.

  • Arafel93 Oct 26, 2011

    I've used FX for a while, and it always performs well. It's feature rich and extensible to the point of bloating, which is good for some folks. It's reliable and that's what I enjoy about it the most.

  • Ravi Kumar Oct 23, 2011

    Firefox may be slower than chrome (not for me). But the latest bulid is definitely is better than chrome. Now firefox 7 comes with less RAM usuage, better startup times. What I love about firefox is that it can be customized easily. There are huge number of add-ons that you can install. In terms of add-ons Chrome cannot match firefox.

    So long live firefox. And thanks for providing such a great browser. Thanks Mozilla!

  • Diego Castellanos Oct 22, 2011

    I would rate Firefox 5 stars if the add-ons were a little more user friendly. Other than that this browser is fast, very flexible and stable.

  • Bharathwaaj Srinivasan Oct 18, 2011

    Best browser available.

  • Ayush Oct 18, 2011

    Has everything that a browser should have, great in customisation, security, speed, looks(personas), the addons are just greatttttt :D

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  • komandan Oct 17, 2011

    to many memory in use
    but is good browser

  • Steve Rosenbloom Oct 17, 2011

    Maybe the rapid releases were a bad idea. Firefox 7 is the same behemoth of a browser that it was in version 3, and each new release seems to do little more than break compatibility with some extensions. But it's those extensions that make it what it is. They are the reason no other browser is as customizable, or as memory-hungry, as Firefox. Take the double-edged sword or leave it. If you have a fairly modern system, I'd suggest you at least give it a swing.

  • TeeJay Oct 16, 2011

    This is a fantastic browser. Absolutely my favorite and has been for years. I've tried Chrome, I've tried Opera, and I keep coming back. The add-ons are what make the experience beyond compare.

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  • sayan biswas Oct 15, 2011

    i love is one

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  • ihamza Oct 15, 2011

    Good that Ubuntu release Firefox Fast

  • Joe Mitchard Oct 14, 2011

    Fast, stable and secure. Hundreds of AdOns available to further improve the browsers productivity and security.

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  • Piotrek R. Oct 14, 2011

    The most awesome browser there is! I'd change some things but still there's nothing better out there.

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  • zman Oct 14, 2011

    It's the best search browser availible today on any operating system.

  • Matt Oct 14, 2011

    Hands down my favorite. Though this one can be sluggish at times. It is getting faster with every new build. And with the extensions...there is not much you can't do with firefox.

  • Samuel Oct 13, 2011

    Although a little slower than Chrome (and I mean only a little), the greater ease of use, stability and feature set - without even mentioning the huge library of extensions - means it is still the best browser out there.

    If you're reading this, you probably already have it installed, so give it a try. It's worth it.

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  • Prasad Kumar Oct 4, 2011

    Best cross platform browser.Still needs to be more developed to compete with Google Chrome.

  • Mufaddal Kabul Oct 1, 2011

    Simply the best.
    In this era of browser war all the browser are up-to-date and there hardly any difference.
    So instead of using 2 or 3 browser just use stable and fast Firefox.
    Also it's by default in Ubuntu. So don't go for chromium or opera or any other browser.
    They are all the same.

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  • Tristan Cormier Sep 30, 2011

    Really great internet browser. Highly stable, plentiful of add-ons and a high compatibility. The new version 7 is even faster than its predecessors.

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  • Nandu Raj Sep 29, 2011

    Firefox is a very stable browser, and the best feature that no one can beat is the plentiful availability of addons.

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  • Mohsen Sep 29, 2011

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  • faical117 Sep 28, 2011

    Great software . firefox is the browser number one "1" in the world ;-)

  • Sep 28, 2011

    Very smooth browser, multitude of add-ons available, and open source roots :) V6 is definitely an improvement over previous Firefox installments but the browser still struggles with Java at times.

  • David Groves Sep 27, 2011

    Firefox 6 is their best release yet. Fast, stable, easy, and beautiful. Way to go Mozilla!

  • Azragon Sep 24, 2011

    Used Chrome, Opera, and Safari, and I will not use any other browser but Firefox and Chrome. I'm not a fan of browser wars, but the biggest reason I prefer Firefox is due to its stability, performance, security, and being open source as the icing.

  • fardin Sep 23, 2011

    i got firefox 4 and it updated itself to firefox 5 and firefox 5 dosent update to 6 why is that?

  • abdallah alemran Sep 22, 2011

    Best browser I ever tried.

  • VenomVendor Sep 17, 2011

    Awesome Browser

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  • anjalis Sep 17, 2011

    it's better than 3.6 and faster, but it's not as fast as chrome and i it eats a lot of memory for browser, they should improve the memory management, i've been using it in work for web developing and when i had some 6 tabs opened, no video or something it took more then 500 MB ram which i think is too much...

  • santq Sep 2, 2011

    I'm not sure why but Flash 11 seems to be noticeably faster on Firefox than on Chromium. The speed is otherwise good also. Seems like Firefox has caught up to its rival.

    The only downside is that the Linux version doesn't have the neat new menu button.

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  • hmmodie Aug 25, 2011

    simply , The BEST BROWSER ... ;)

  • Esau Saravia Aug 23, 2011

    Greatest browser! with a great community... a really vast universe of extensions, very personalized, the better browser for me.

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  • Vishnu Aug 20, 2011

    Firefox 4+ seems to great with Ubuntu. Start up time is really less compared to firefox 3.X.X

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  • lunatik96 Aug 17, 2011

    Version 6 is improved in many ways. For Ubuntu, I notice Flash plays w/o tearing or blocking. in other words, correctly. One addon is not compatible, not one I use much. The feel is smoother. These are initial impressions.

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  • Deborah Lipsitz Aug 17, 2011

    This is an outdated version of the Firefox web browser, and as such has a couple of serious security issues. Users wishing to use the current version of Firefox should go to the Mozilla web site and download the latest version.

    Discovered the security issues after my Facebook account was hacked into a second time. Current version at this time for Linux is 6.0. Unknown why version 5.0 (the version currently available via the Software Center) is the latest being made available through Ubuntu.

  • DARKKi Aug 14, 2011

    I like Firefox, mainly because of the addons and quickness. Till it has been on for longer time and memory leaks kicks in and everything goes to slow-mo.

    Every browser has something special reason that you want to use them, i wish they unified em and we got an perfect browser. Yeah, maybe in perfect world :D

    But it its frustating to shuffle with few browsers... just wishing for better future Firefox!