• Edward Mountjoy Apr 2, 2011

    This easy to use brainstorming application has help me plan and visualise ideas for essays and projects throughout my time at university. It has also been useful for quickly taking notes that can then be rearranged into a more logical order later by simply dragging them about the page.

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  • Guillaume Bodi May 9, 2011

    Very nice and efficient tool. I just can't give it 5 stars because I think it still is a bit deficient from a usability perspective (non intuitive behaviour in some cases).
    But I do recommend it warmly.

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  • Kevin Ford Jun 1, 2011

    The interface does not fluidly blend with the desktop so it seems a little out-of-place. But the functionality is excellent. I won't dock it for usability because mind-mapping software is different than most software we are accustomed to using, so I'm not sure that there is an accepted, intuitive way to, for example, stack many icons on a node. Keyboard shortcuts are a necessity if you really want to brainstorm freely and FreeMind has excellent support for keyboard shortcuts for just about everything you could want to do.

    The only reason I gave it 4 stars is that I would like to see some option to "abbreviate" my long nodes without completely collapsing them. I write a lot of long nodes, once I start "fleshing out" a map, and it gets very large, very quickly.

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  • Ajit Singh Jun 3, 2011

    Everything is here, except unicode writing support.
    It display unicode characters but it doesn't support unicode writing.
    Xmind has unicode facility.

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  • Sandor Irlanda Jul 4, 2011

    Mindmaps provide great way to organize knowledge or discover new things. FreeMind is one of the best mindmapping tool.

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  • Shashank Tomar Jul 31, 2011

    Very useful application. Please use and support it.

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  • Matt Oct 14, 2011

    Use it to help organize chapters and events in my writing. Tried others but always come back to this.

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  • Mohammed Abouzahr Nov 3, 2011

    Pros: Not too hard to learn the basics. Yet there are lots of ways to tweak, for those who like to do that. Nice export options. Overall, a great tool.

    Cons: Biggest issue (for me) is that I cannot use LaTeX.

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  • Pablo Fernandes Nov 23, 2011

    the best mindmap software! It's not very lightweight though.

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  • Enric Mujal Colilles Nov 3, 2011

    Crec que es massa senzill. Serveix per mapes mentals senzills

  • Karl Rinne Apr 16, 2011

    one of my all-time-favourites. easy-to-use mind mapping. nodes can be re-arranged with great ease, and annotated using icons. because of its simplicity, also useful for on-the-spot structured note-taking during meetings. cross-platform

  • jtyrrell Apr 30, 2011

    Simple no-frills tool that allows you create and import mind maps, has helped me with studies and brainstorming.

  • EyeBall May 7, 2011

    When I first stumbled upon Freemind, I was blown away. What a perfect way to layout thoughts and manage content.

    Simply Brilliant.

    By far, my most favourite program.

    There is even a Blackberry version called MindBerry.

  • Mitul Jun 11, 2011

    This software is highly in accordance with the concept of mind mapping.

  • Raymond Liu Jun 24, 2011

    It would have been an excellent piece of software if it weren't so buggy. I'm using Ubuntu 11.04 with Unity. Every time I add what's called a "graphical link" between two nodes, the program starts behaving very differently. For example, I would no longer be able to zoom in or out, scroll, or delete the graphical link. It's possible that I'm using it wrong but I think it's a bug.

  • Christoff Erasmus Oct 1, 2011

    Thanks for a great product. Keep up the good work.

  • Neil Oct 10, 2011

    Great little piece of software. It does every thing that I need for mind mapping my ideas.

  • hanafi lah Oct 20, 2011

    I thought Semantik was better but this is the best

  • Dejan Petrovic Feb 17, 2012

    Great tool. Did not find better. I'm using it to make public speech and organize complicate jobs. I speek in front of hundreds and sometime thousands people. This tool help me to be natural and not having everyting on paper. It is really great tool when you get know it well. Meny export options.
    Good job!